We welcome you to come to visit Agape Family Life House and use your time, talents and gifts to help out with work. We can always use more loving hearts and hands to share in the work here. There is plenty to do. Simply helping to show God's love to the children by reading stories to them, teaching them life skills, or just playing with them, is appreciated. Doing such things as helping with daily tasks such as organizing storage space, cleaning, cooking, or less regular tasks such as mowing grass, helping to make repairs, painting, taking the children on an outing, helping with thier exercise, or such. Using your special skills to help with such things as Physical Therapy, dental clinics, music training, computer training, renovation projects, painting murals, etc., are always appreciated. Individuals or groups can be accommodated and short term or long term involvement can be arranged. Perhaps you have a vacation and would like to spend some or all of your time helping at AFLH, GREAT. Perhaps you are coming to China for a business trip and can bring something we need from the USA, GREAT. Perhaps you are being assigned by your employer to a time in Beijing and are looking for a way to make the assignment more meaningful in your spare time... We welcome you to become involved with us.

If you have interest in Hands on Involvement, please contact us and we can plan together for you to help in the work of AFLH.

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