As much as no one wants to ask for funds, our most immediate need is for funding used for rent, utilities, surgeries, meals, emergencies, winter heat and general maintenance.  If you would please consider this as you make your donation we would appreciate it!  Thank you. 

Agape Family Life House

Items Available in China:

Gas Powered Hedge Or Bush Cutter

Grains (Rice, Flour, Noodles: Not Instant!)




Meat (Chicken, Pork, Beef)

Cooking Oil

Healthy Snacks (nuts, dried fruit, cereal, crackers)

Batteries (AA, AAA and 9 volt)


Natural Fruit Juice

Chinese Educational Books for Toddlers (learning ABCs, shapes, colors, animals, etc.)

Antibacterial Wipes

3 socket sets

3 Drill bit sets

3 Levels


3 Clothing Drying rack

2 Hoses

Twin and full size sheets

Slippers various sizes

Items Available in America:

*Chewable Multi-Vitamin (800 vitamins used per month @ 2 serving size)

*Chewable Calcium Vitamin (800 vitamins used per month @ 2 serving size)

*Dayquil and Nyquil (gelcaps or liquid, though the kids prefer the gelcaps)

DermaWound-Original Formula (16 oz bottle or larger) (2 bottles used per year)

*Antacid (ie. Tums, Pepto Bismol)

Acne Face Wash (2-3 bottles per month) 

Snacks (Beef jerky, Twizzlers, Dried Fruit, Nuts… anything healthy!)


Unless otherwise noted, we are glad to receive generic brand donations! We have the named-brands listed solely for reference, so please don’t feel obligated to purchase those.

Anything that is starred means we would greatly appreciate these over other items if possible.



Bread of Life Bakery

Items available in America:

Red Food coloring:  McCormick preferred.  The larger bottle is preferred and most cost efficient.
Pure Vanilla Extract:  Costco Brand or McCormick preferred.  
Ground Cinnamon: Frontier Brand (most preferred), Costco Brand or Olde Thompson Ground Cinnamon


Anything on this list does not have to be a donation. Bringing it from the US for us is a HUGE donation in and of itself, so please do not feel obligated to also purchase the items you may bring.

Currently, we have a stable stock of all the items, so no one is needed more than another.  




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