How can you help?

Prayer Support

No matter whether you are able to give a donation or not, one thing you can do is PRAY. We depend on our Heavenly Father for His direction, protection, and provision. Your prayers will make a difference. Because you pray, we believe that we will be directed along the path HE intends for us to travel. On that path is safety. Along that path HE supplies all our needs. More than anything, we covet your involvement in the work of Agape Family Life House by giving your prayer support. What ever you can do beyond that is a bonus.

Hands on Involvement

We welcome you to come to visit Agape Family Life House and use your time, talents and giftings to help with out work. We can always use more loving hearts and hands to share in the work here. There is plenty to do. Simply helping to show God's Love to the children by reading stories to them, teaching them life skills, or just playing with them, is appreciated. Doing such things as helping with daily tasks such as organizing storage space, cleaning, cooking, or less regular tasks such as mowing grass, helping to make repairs, painting, taking the children on an outing, helping with thier exercise, or such. Using your special skills to help with such things as Physical Therapy, Dental Clinics, Music Training, Computer Training, Renovation Projects, Painting Murals, etc., are always appreciated.Individuals or Groups can be accomodated. Short Term or Long Term involvement can be arranged. Perhaps you have a vacation and would like to spend come or all of helping at AFLH, GREAT. Perhaps you are coming to China for a business trip and can bring something we need from the USA, GREAT. Perhaps you are being assigned by your employer to a time in Beijing and are looking for a way to make the assignment more meaningful in your spare time... We welcome you to become involved with us.

If you have interest in Hands on Involvement, please contact us and we can plan together for you to help in the work of AFLH.

General Financial Support of Agape Family Life House

The Agape Family Life House like any other operation has general operating expenses for staff, transportation, vehicles, insurance, food, clothing, etc . We welcome you to become a regular monthly supporter or even occasional supporter of our work. Often we have special projects which require extra funding. Renovation of local orphanages, installing heat in the home of a local blind family, providing winter coats to handicapped children in a local school, funding special medical needs for handicapped children from our local area, conducting various medical and dental outreaches, supporting a local community center, operating our therapy pool and many other such activities are just some of the projects for which you may donate to help us become more effective to demonstrate the Love of Christ here in China. We are grateful for donations of any amount. When you become involved by your financial support, you share in the rewards to which we are all entitled. If you would like to support any of our special projects from time to time or become a regular or occasional supporter of our ongoing operational expenses, we welcome your donation in any amount. To donate by mail, you may send your check to us at: Agape Family Church, P.O. Box 215, Wood Dale, IL 60191, along with a note marked AFLH in or on the envelope.  You can contact us with any questions you may have or just head over to the donation page if you would like to donate now.

Our Mission

Mission Statement:

We believe everyone is special and strive to offer orphans with special needs a place to call home and family to call their own at Agape Family Life House (AFLH), in Langfang China. We believe that He sets those who are solitary in families and He has plans for them... Plans for GOOD and not for evil, to give them a HOPE and a FUTURE. We seek to always "stop for the one" in front of us and to practice compassionate love to all those around us.

Goals and Purpose:

Our goal is to help the orphans and the poor in a real and tangible way. Our main focus is to care for children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also called Children of Glass due to their Brittle Bones Condition. Our objective is to provide a safe and loving environment for the children who live here and to bring purpose and meaning to their lives. Every child will be given the opportunity to thrive through education, discipleship and loving care.

Directors and Staff:

Board Of Advisors:

  • Richard A. Bullis , Pastor, Agape Family Church, Wood Dale, IL
  • Tim A. Roames, Pastor, Good News Christian Center Church, Des Plaines, IL
  • Joshua R. Miller, USMC, ret., Lapel, IN
  • Dr. Chen Yuan, M.D., Naperville, IL

Thank You

Thank you for your donation!

If you have chosen to donate by mail, you can do so by sending your checks to:

Agape Family Church, PO Box 215, Wood Dale, IL 60191
Please mark your donations "AFLH" and designate the child or project you wish to support.

On Behalf of the AGAPE FAMILY LIFE HOUSE Children and Staff, we would like to say THANK YOU for your donation. Your financial support makes it possible to care for not only the children living at AFLH, but, also allows us to reach out to families and children who have medical needs by providing wheelchairs, walkers, and prosthetics plus medical treatment such as surgeries, dental work, and rehabilitation through physical and occupational therapy. Our annual Christmas coat, hat and gloves project helps children of poor families bear the winter cold. In addition, we often help Chinese orphanages with renovation projects to improve the living conditions for the children. Whenever we accomplish any of these acts of kindness, it is because of the generosity of people like you. As we obey the mandate to care for the widows and orphans as well as those who are less fortunate than we, YOU share in the blessings and rewards as a partner with us. We hope we may count on your continued future support as well. May God richly bless each of you is our prayer.


Lang Fang, Hebei, China